PostHeaderIcon Barrios Competition - II edition

§ 1. The “Associazione MUSICARE di Nuoro”, Italy, organizes the 2nd International Guitar Competition “Agustín Barrios”. The Competition is open to Guitarists of all nationalities born after January 1st, 1970.

Along with the application form, candidates should enclose:
a) a receipt for the transaction of € 59.00
b) A photocopy of an identity document
c) One recent photo
d) A Curriculum vitae
e) Concert programs, reviews and any document that the candidate considers relevant.

Registration will take place sending by mail the required documents, with the registration form signed by the candidate. Such a form can be downloaded from the website
The names of the Judges will be given to the press and to candidates who have completed their registration.

The participation fee of € 59.00 must be credited within November 5, 2005 by:

Bank transfer
Associazione Musicare, Via Ugo la Malfa 51 08100
Nuoro (Italy)
IBAN : IT98 E056 7617 3000 0000 0350 856
State : IT
CIN 1 : 98
CIN 2 : E
A.B.I. 05676
C.A.B. 17300
Account no. 000000350856 della Banca di Sassari -
Agenzia di Nuoro

Credit Card:
through the site (128 bit cryptography)

First Round (Qualifying Round, November 18):
A program of about 15 minutes, including:
1) Agustin Barrios: Villancico de Navidad (ed.
2) free choice of pieces by the candidate

Second Round (Semi-final, November 19):
A program of about 25 minutes, including:
1) Agustin Barrios: Una limosna por el amor de Dios
2) at least one piece chosen from the following:
- Agustin Barrios: Aire de Zamba (ed. Ricordi);
- Agustin Barrios: Mazurka Apasionata (Ed. Ricordi);
- Agustin Barrios: Julia Florida (Ed. Ricordi);
- Agustin Barrios: Vals op.8 n.3 (Ed. Ricordi);
- Agustin Barrios: Vals op.8 n.4 (Ed. Ricordi);
- Angelo Gilardino : Capriccio sopra la lontananza (Study n.1 from “Studi di Virtuosità e Trascendenza”);
- Angelo Gilardino : Già la pioggia è con noi (Ed. Berben) (Study n.3 from“Studi di Virtuosità e Trascendenza”);
- Angelo Gilardino : Soledad (Ed. Berben) (Study n.6 from“Studi di Virtuosità e Trascendenza”);
- Angelo Gilardino : Noche Oscura (Ed. Berben) (Study n.23 from“Studi di Virtuosità e Trascendenza”).
3) free choice of pieces by the candidate (excluding those performed during the Qualifying round)

Final (November 20):
A program of about 30 minutes, including:
1) Angelo Gilardino : Sacrificio - Omaggio a Agustin Barrios (Ed. Berben) (Study n.16 from“Studi di Virtuosità e Trascendenza”).
2) at least one piece in form of Sonata or Sonatina of XX° century;
3) free choice of pieces by the candidate (excluding those performed during the Qualifying round)

NOTE - Exclusively original pieces for guitar are admitted .

1) The competition will run from November 18 to November 20,. 2005
2) On November 18, 2005 at 9.00 am (location to be announced) there will be a meeting with all the guitarists during which the Jury will be presented and the candidates will be informed of the time table of the qualifying round.
3)For entering the qualifying round, each candidate must produce a valid document of identification.
4) Only the Final Round will be open to public.

1) The International Jury will consist of at least five members, of different nationalities and of established reputation.
2) The following are not allowed to form part of the International Jury: any relative or friend of any of the contestants: anyone who is teaching or who has privately taught any contestant within the last two years; members of the Jury who are teaching at school at present or who have taught any of the contestants in the last two years must refrain from discussions and abstain from voting for their own contestants. This abstention shall be recorded in the minutes. In compliance with this, when the Jury is being sworn in each member shall make a statement as to his/personal position concerning the contestant.
3) If one or more of the members of the Jury are unable to attend the competition, they will be replaced with jurors selected by the organizing committee.
4) A competitor's performance may be interrupted at any moment considered appropriate by the jury.

1) The selection of the semifinalists to be admitted to the final (a maximum of three) will be made by the jury, and it will be based on a simple majority of votes. The jury's decision is final.
2) In the event of an exceptionally complex result in the evaluation of the finalists, the jury may request all or some of them to have additional trials.
3) In the event of a tie, the vote of the President will be decisive.

1st prize:
€ 2.500,00 (cash free of taxes)
2 Concerts with total reimbursement (trip, board and lodging)
Subscription to Italian Guitar Magazine SeicordE

2nd prize:
€ 1.000,00 (cash free of taxes)

3rd prize:
€ 500,00 (cash free of taxes)

Agustín Barrios prize:
€ 250,00 for the best performance of Barrios pieces

The prizes cannot be shared.

In special cases the International Jury may award remaining prizes equally. All the prizes will be awarded in the final round.
All semi-finalists will receive an honorary diploma.

§ 9.
The final prize will be awarded on November 20, 2005 in Nuoro at 7 pm, Auditorium Biblioteca “Sebastiano Satta”

§ 10.
The competition management reserves the right to record all rounds and final concert or documenting the competition, and circulate the materials with no royalties to be payed to performers. By signing the application form, the applicant gives permission for the production of the recording and related broadcasts. The full copyright remains the property of Associazione MUSICARE .

§ 11.
Application to participate in the competition implies that the candidates unconditionally accept all of the rules and regulations currently established. In the event of any disagreement or difference of opinion concerning the rules, the only valid text will be the original in the Italian language.